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From one to six jars - SAME LOW SHIPPING & HANDLING COST!

Pixie's Preserves

Handmade With Love

At Pixie's Preserves, we're totally committed to bringing you only the finest, most wholesome jellies, jams and marmalades you can buy. 

Each scrumptious treat is handmade with love and care by Pixie herself, Michelle, a tiny woman with a huge heart who blends simple fresh ingredients, delicious homemade taste and a flair for inventiveness to create distinctive specialties that put their mass-produced counterparts to shame. All with absolutely no preservatives, GMOs or artificial ingredients.

We treat each of our customers like family - and can't wait to delight you with the myriad of products from our passion, craftsmanship and love.

A taste of magic.

The story of Pixie's Preserves and their gourmet jam and jellies began when Michelle was a young girl helping her mother make delicious elderberry jelly, filling their house with the heartwarming aroma of homemade goodness.

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